HKN Mapathon

From November 17th to November 24th HKN will be hosting our second virtual Map-A-Thon. We will be working to create maps of the Aklan province in the Philippines, that assist humanitarian aid organizations like the red cross with disaster preparedness and response. Over the week our goal is to contribute 100 mapped satellite tiles. Additionally, HKN will be awarding Prizes to our top mappers for the week.

If you wish to participate our project can be found at: Contributing can be done in three easy steps

  1. First create an account by following this tutorial
  2. Second Learn how to map Tiles by watching these videos
    1. How to map Buildings
    2. How to map Roads
  3. Finally log in and start mapping project 6916 on found here

After you are done mapping let us know what tiles you have mapped by filling out the form at Filling this out will help us keep track of our goal and will be used to determine who receives the prizes for being our top mappers of the week. The form will stay open till Midnight Sunday April 18th.

The kickoff for the event will be held on in EB2 Room 3001 Monday April 12th at 6:00pm. You can join with the button below. Login with a NCSU email is required to join.

Potential Inductees: Attending the Kickoff event will count for a service event and every tile you submit will count as half a service event.